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Roast Beef Hash

We decided to make our own hash for the beer can bacon burgers in the previous recipe. This recipe not only made great hash stuffing for the burgers, but some of our guests wanted to eat the hash by itself! … Continue reading

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Beer Can Bacon Burgers

For the meat lovers out there, you have to try this dish. Now that recipes for beer can chicken abound, someone had to try this–beer can burgers. We’re not kidding! So for our Memorial Day cookout, we decided to try … Continue reading

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Chicken Breasts with Curry Sauce and Golden Raisins

We can never have enough recipes for boneless chicken breasts. Especially recipes that answer the question, “What do we have to eat NOW?” Add in the bonus that this recipe grills the chicken to a delicious result, and bingo, we … Continue reading

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Spice-Crusted Pork Chops

Some of our frequent guests tried to sway us against a new recipe for grilling pork chops. “They always turn out tough and overcooked.” Well, we didn’t want to be disagreeable, so we made this recipe just for ourselves. The … Continue reading

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Hollywood Cheeseburgers

We hate getting into a rut over hamburgers. No matter how much we like one style, we’re always trying to expand our repertoire. Hurray! This recipe does just that. The recipe comes from Jamie Purviance in Weber’s Real Grilling (2005). … Continue reading

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Chicken Cafreal

We love cilantro, and we know this is an acquired taste. So if you don’t like cilantro, we suggest you move on to another recipe. But if you are a cilantro devotee, you are in for a real treat. This … Continue reading

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Slow-Roasted Salmon with Soy-Caramel Sauce, Carrot Puree and Crispy Leeks

It is not true that our oven aestivates. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, aestivation is a term from biology, defined as “a state of animal dormancy, similar to hibernation, characterized by inactivity and a lowered metabolic rate, … Continue reading

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