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Butter Chicken

What do you you do when a snowstorm keeps you from your takeout Indian restaurant? No, we didn’t have a drone delivery, we made our own Indian takeout. However, we had never seen this dish on the takeout menu anyway, … Continue reading

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Meyer Lemon Buttermilk Tart

This is probably not news to many of you, but we have just learned about Meyer lemons. Most of the lemons in our stores are Eureka or Lisbon varieties, but Meyer lemons are believed to be a hybrid of an … Continue reading

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Chicken with Juniper Berries

We picked up Bistro Chicken by Mary Ellen Evans recently at a local grocery store, Kowalski’s®, because the recipes looked intriguing. Once we brought it home and started reading, we realized why this cookbook was for sale in the store: … Continue reading

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