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Pasta with Broccoli, Peas, Mushrooms and Tomatoes

“Healthy” foods are all the rage, and we sometimes wonder what all the fuss is about. Foods are healthy if they are consumed in reasonable portions, taking account that some foods have higher caloric content by weight (so-called caloric density). … Continue reading

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Fettucine with Kale Pesto

This recipe is a great find! We received a “heaping helping” of kale from our local farm food share, and like many others, we assume, were unsure what to do with the leafy green stuff. Not that we are afraid … Continue reading

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Fettucine Bolognese

When we think about pasta meat sauce, the trinity of onion, celery, and carrot combined with evaporated milk does not come to mind, but this recipe from Ellie Krieger in her book The Food You Crave on page 163 proved … Continue reading

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