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Coffee-Roasted Carrots

Only one of us is a coffee drinker. One isn’t even fond of mocha-flavored this or that. However, this use of coffee brings us together. Coffee-roasted carrots is an idea attributed to famed California chef Daniel Patterson. This recipe from … Continue reading

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Yam and Apple Bake

We’re a little slow this year in getting some of our Thanksgiving dishes on the blog. This recipe comes from  Casey Stewart of Stockton, California. It was printed in the Thanksgiving 2015 issue of the Penzey’s  catalog on page 35. This is … Continue reading

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Mango Chutney

Some people are afraid of mangoes. There is grounds for that fear; it takes some expertise to pick out the ripe mangoes, at least if you frequent supermarkets like the ones we shop at. Then when it comes time to … Continue reading

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California Turkey Chili

We didn’t partake of any Super Bowl festivities, and in retrospect, we’re glad we didn’t, because it didn’t turn out to be much of a game. Nonetheless, we wanted something to enjoy with the commercials, so we tried this recipe … Continue reading

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Pork Medallions with Cranberry Mustard Sauce

Some of us have a love-hate relationship with cranberries. We know they are a traditional food for the holidays, but we have been victims of so many bad cranberry preparations that we dread putting that relish/chutney/”What is that?” on our … Continue reading

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Extremely Reliable Pork Spareribs

This recipe is complicated. We do not recommend this recipe when you don’t have an entire day to devote to the grill. Granted, you do not have to be at the grill every minute, but you have to many steps … Continue reading

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Slow-Cooker Spicy Country Ribs

Here is the latest iteration in our search for excellent slow cooker ribs. We think this recipe comes very close to what we have been seeking. The trouble we have had with previous slow-cooker ribs is that after several hours … Continue reading

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