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Chopped Salad

We have a frequent dinner guest who claims to like salad “except for all the lettuce leaves.” If you have a guest like that, or even if you don’t, try this chopped salad recipe the next time you grill. We … Continue reading

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Nyons Chicken

Baked olives are the key to this recipe. The author calls for Nyons olives, a French variety which we have not been able to find locally, but Kalamata olives make a great substitute. Here is a link that shows both … Continue reading

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Boneless Chicken Breasts Nicoise

We never know where a new recipe will take us. This recipe from Mary Ellen Evans’ book, Bistro Chicken, published in 2004, is just the latest example. When we decided to make the recipe, the obvious thought was that the … Continue reading

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Olivada Crostini

Wendy has made this appetizer for parties for twenty years, and it continues to be a favorite. This is an excellent use for a partial loaf of French bread which may be starting to go stale. When the bread is … Continue reading

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