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Spicy Grilled Salsa

Here is the salsa we served with the previous recipe, Herbed Meat Kebabs. This dish is also from Einat Admony‚Äôs book, Balaboosta. We recommend actually putting the salsa with the kebab meat in a pita pocket, but you can serve … Continue reading

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Herbed Meat Kebabs

Here is a fun alternative to burgers on the grill. As an added bonus we cleared out some of the mint that was crowding out some of the other garden herbs. This recipe comes from Einat Admony in her book, … Continue reading

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Roasted Chicken with Dates, Citrus, and Olives

When you search for “Mediterranean diet,” this dish should pop up. Not only is this recipe healthy, it is delicious. Credit When you search for “Mediterranean diet,” this dish should pop up. Not only is this recipe healthy, it is … Continue reading

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Curried Grilled Chicken Thighs

OK, if you didn’t like a summer slow-cooker recipe, this one for the grill may be more to your liking. This recipe from Cooking Light, June 2017, is worth making just so you have leftover curry paste for your next … Continue reading

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Slow-cooker Beef Barbacoa

What? A slow cooker recipe in the summer? Why not save this one for the Christmas potluck? Because a slow-cooker doesn’t heat up the house like the oven does. Because you can let it work all day so you can … Continue reading

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Fresh Pea, Prosciutto, and Herb Salad

Now here’s a green salad we can get behind, because the green comes from edamame, peas, and beans. OK, there’s some arugula, too, but you can hardly see the salad greens beneath all the other green food. This recipe also … Continue reading

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Dill Pickle Potato Salad with Bacon

You just can’t go wrong with potato salad (unless you leave it out in the summer sun for too long!). Because of that combined necessity and uncertainty, we almost always bring our own and have tried many versions. This one … Continue reading

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