Beer Can Bacon Burgers

For the meat lovers out there, you have to try this dish. Now that recipes for beer can chicken abound, someone had to try this–beer can burgers. We’re not kidding! So for our Memorial Day cookout, we decided to try this recipe. You likely have already seen the famous BBQ Pit Boys on line. If not you’re in for a treat. The link is here.

Here is the BBQ Pit Boys recipe for beer can burgers. We made our own roast beef hash (see the next recipe), but canned roast beef hash would be good, too. Since the grill was already on, we also grilled strips of bell peppers and sliced mushrooms and onions. Finally, we used chunks of Jarlsberg cheese as a topping. As the BBQ Pit Boys point out, you choose what sounds good to you.

We realize few people will want to try to get their mouth around a bun that would contain such a burger monstrosity. Cut each “burger” into 2-3 sections like we did. It was still great!


For the burgers:

4-5 lb. ground beef (80-85% lean)
1-2 lb. regular cut bacon
1 12-oz. unopened can beer (or soda pop)
6 buns (or more)


Roast beef hash
Grilled/sautéed strips of bell pepper
Grilled onion strips
Grilled/sautéed sliced mushrooms
Chopped fried bacon
Chopped tomatoes
Prepared chili
Chunk or grated cheese of your choice
BBQ and/or hot sauce of your choice


Turn grill on; set up for indirect grilling at medium heat (300 degrees F.). If using, grill or sauté bell pepper, mushrooms and onions. Fry bacon if using, then chop into small pieces. Warm up the other stuffing/topping ingredients, except cheese and sauces.

Make hamburger balls, 8 to 12 ounces each; be certain meat comes directly out of refrigerator, as cold meat will allow for proper shaping. Press beer can into center of each meatball forming a pocket around the can. Wrap bacon around each one. Should take two pieces of bacon.

Using a dishtowel, remove beer can from meatball carefully. Do this until all meatballs have been formed.

Take stuffing/toppings and start placing inside meatball pockets. Use your favorite toppings.
Chunk cheese and place 2-3 pieces inside desired meatballs or top with shredded cheese. Add a few dashes of hot sauce or bbq sauce.

Place bacon burgers on grill for indirect cooking. Put lid on grill and cook for one hour. (Optional – turn and rotate after 30 minutes). After one hour check for desired doneness. Remove from grill. Place burgers (or slices of burgers) on buns. Serve with favorite condiments.

Serves at least 6!

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