Sweet Pea “Hummus”

You can’t have hummus without tahini, the sesame seed paste. That’s why Sara Moulton put hummus in quotation marks for this recipe. Nonetheless, the results make a delectable appetizer, particularly when spread on grilled rounds of French or Italian bread. We saw this appetizer on Sara Moulton’s television show, Weeknight Meals. It was part of a dish including grilled salmon, grilled corn, and arugula.

We liked the sweet pea “hummus” in its own right. Here is the link. In case you can’ tinder the link, here are the ingredients and directions. When we made the recipe we used frozen peas, which we cooked in the microwave, then cooled on a baking tray in the refrigerator as mentioned below.


1 cup sweet peas, cooked in boiling salted water for 2 minutes then strained and cooled on a baking tray in the refrigerator
1 clove garlic
1 half of an avocado
8 fresh mint leaves
juice of 1 lemon
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste


In a food processor puree everything together and season to taste with salt and fresh ground black pepper.

To make the crostini, use 4 1/4”-thick slices of Ciabatta bread brushed with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. Grill or toast the bread until lightly browned.

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