Potatoes with Green Tahini Sauce

Tahini has been added to our list of cooking essentials. Tahini is a thick paste made from crushed sesame seeds, a sesame version of peanut butter. Tahini plus pureed chickpeas is the basis for hummus, and many people use the tahini to make their homemade versions of hummus. However, tahini has a much broader repertoire than a base for appetizers. This and the next recipe make use of “sesame seed butter” to make ordinary foods extraordinary.

This recipe comes from the March/April 2015 issue of Eating Well. Chef Michael Solomonov has an Israeli restaurant named Zahav in Philadelphia. After making and tasting this recipe, I definitely want to go to his restaurant someday. In addition to the flavors, what makes this recipe exceptional is the preparation. You boil the potatoes, then let them cool in the pot until the water reaches room temperature. The dish is served at room temperature. For any cook trying to juggle the cooking schedules for a variety of dishes all at once, the fact this recipe can sit at room temperature for long periods of time is very helpful. Try it yourself! Here is the link. (You will need to provide your e-mail address to view the website, but there is no charge.)

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