Cool Pineapple Salsa

Yes, this salsa is indeed cool

Not only is it absolutely the best tasting pineapple salsa we’ve made, but it does leave a cool aftertaste on your tongue. The pairing of Easter ham with pineapple is tried and true, but just serving pineapple chunks on the side seemed inadequate.

The notion of a salsa as a side dish pooped into our heads, and we were fortunate to find this gem of a dish. Thanks to Ellie Krieger on Food Network for this great recipe. Here is the link. Someday we plan to try the chicken with jerk sauce she made with the pineapple salsa.

We strongly recommend fresh pineapple for this salsa. Canned pineapple tends to be overly sweet, even if the canning liquid is drained. The pineapple we bought for Easter even came with its own directions for how to cut and prepare it!

The dish was still good several days later from the refrigerator!

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