Slow-Cooker Chipotle Beef Tacos with Cabbage and Radish Slaw

We made this recipe late last year, but forgot to put it on our blog at the time. Originally, we were attracted to the use of radishes in a slaw that was served with the tacos. At the time, we were drowning in a radishes from our farm shares, and the slaw looked like a good way to use up some of those excess radishes.

 It was only after we tried the recipe that we realized the slow cooker beef produced some of the best shredded beef we had ever made. We have identified two keys to the success of this dish. First, be meticulous in trimming the fat from the beef before cooking. Too much fat results in an unappealing pool of oil on the beef when it finishes in the slow cooker. Second, using the canned chipotles in adobe sauce has just the right amount of heat without making the taco too spicy to enjoy. We hope you agree.

The recipe comes from the December 2013 issue of Real Simple. Here’s the link.

By the way, the slaw is great, too!

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