Grilled Chicken with Cola Sauce

We made this recipe twice in the past week for different guests, but received identical

 rave reviews. This recipe was mentioned in the current Cooking Light magazine,

 but the recipe did not appear in that issue. The recipe can be found on the magazine

 website here. The recipe is attributed to David Bonom in the September 2011 issue

 of the magazine. We are sorry we missed the recipe the first time, but we are glad we

 found it now!

 The special ingredient is Coca-Cola: not Diet Coke or Coke Zero. Obviously, the sugar

 in the drink is an important component. We discovered the new smaller portion (6

 ounce) Coke cans are the perfect volume for this recipe. We have already learned that

 it is best to make the basting sauce (the ingredients that include the Coca-Cola) well

 ahead of time, because the reduction can take a long time, especially if you double

 the recipe. Grilling the boneless chicken breasts is easier if the pieces are smaller and

 thinner. (We use frozen boneless half breasts from Schwan’s delivery to good effect


 If you are worried the recipe will be too spicy for your taste, don’t be. The flavors are rich

and mellow, not hot.

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