Roasted Strawberry Chutney

One of us is tired of cranberries. Now, we don’t want to offend the holiday purists (especially those at Thanksgiving), but we think our forefathers and foremothers probably ate a few other berries, too, although there were likely seasonal restraints on some of the choices. Nonetheless, we made a complete break with Christmas convention and served (gasp!) strawberry chutney.

For those of you who may feel trepidation at following our scofflaw menu behavior, please know that you could probably substitute cranberries back into this jailbreak Christmas recipe, but it’s the holidays! Live a little! (Besides no one has to know!)

This recipe comes from Donna Leahy’s book, Recipe for a Country Inn (2002). The version we used was reprinted on Food Network, and we provide the link here. Donna Leahy had paired the chutney with quail, but we can attest to the dish working well with pork, too. We would never suggest that Ms. Leahy meant for this recipe to be used at Christmas time as a substitute for a cranberry dish. We take sole responsibility for our actions. (A discrete bon appetit, if you dare to break tradition, too!)


Roasted Strawberry Chutney

Roasted Strawberry Chutney


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