Chicken-and-Cheese Enchiladas

We made these enchiladas to have a break from Turkeyfest. This recipe uses tomatillos, the husked Mexican fruit, which is the basis for many Latin American green sauces. Despite their name, tomatillos are not “little green tomatoes,” but are a separate species in the same genus as traditional tomatoes. The tomatillos have a unique tartness. The husks are removed when preparing the tomatillos.

This recipe comes from Food Network. The link is here. We modified the recipe somewhat, because some of the recipe reviewers had commented that the recipe as is was a bit dry. So we used our trick of soaking the sliced red onions in ice water to remove the bitterness, added more than the recipe called for, and also added cilantro and 2 Tbsp bottled enchilada sauce to the filling. We also substituted a Mexican cheese blend we had on hand for the queso fresco called for in the recipe. Finally, we used a jalapeno pepper in place of the serrano pepper.

The results were excellent. Here’s a picture of our baked enchiladas along with some extra tomatillo sauce we served on the side.

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