Garlic and Celery Root Mashed Spuds

We had a few additions to our Thanksgiving menu this year, so we wanted to put them in the blog right away. The most important is the mashed potato recipe included here. The impetus for this recipe was the need to use up another celery root from our farm produce share. Our search for a potato plus celery root recipe came up with this outstanding answer to bland mashed potatoes.

Since one of us is a stickler for remembering what was included in the feast, here is the Akkermans’ menu for Thanksgiving this year.

Emeril Lagasse’s brined turkey
Garlic and celery root mashed spuds
Cornbread and Madeira fig dressing
Roasted root vegetables with whole spice seeds
Citrus green beans with pine nuts
Sweet potato rolls
Cranberry-cherry chutney
Superb pumpkin pie
Robin’s chocolate satin pie

Many of these recipes are already listed on the blog, several in November 2010. We will include the new recipes in the coming posts.

The link for the mashed potato recipe is here. The recipe is attributed to Robin Miller on Food Network in 2006. Our principal deviation from the directions is our pre-roasting of the celery root. This was done in the manner described in our squash soup recipe, linked here. (Remember, celery root and celeriac are the same thing.) We have discovered that this pre-roasting is a tremendous time and skin-on-the-fingers saver. Peeling both celery root and squash is a  breeze after roasting those vegetables as described.

We added two tablespoons of butter to the recipe and cut the olive oil in half. Everyone agreed these were some of the best mashed potatoes ever, and THAT says something at this household.

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