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Banana Bread

Here is a nice variation on the traditional banana bread. We like the texture of this banana bread, which can sometimes crumble as you slice it. This banana bread holds together well. Of course, it also contains chocolate chips, and … Continue reading

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Tat Soi Salad with Lemon-Ginger Vinaigrette

Our latest food share from the community farm contained tat soi, also known as spinach mustard or spoon mustard. The plant is great for our clime, since its leaves hug the ground in a rosette fashion, allowing the plant to … Continue reading

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Chicken-and-Cheese Enchiladas

We made these enchiladas to have a break from Turkeyfest. This recipe uses tomatillos, the husked Mexican fruit, which is the basis for many Latin American green sauces. Despite their name, tomatillos are not “little green tomatoes,” but are a … Continue reading

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Chocolate Satin Pie

This recipe comes from a long-time family friend, Robin Sorenson. We have enjoyed this pie at her home, and she was kind enough to share it with us. Robin says the recipe originated in a recipe from Byerly’s, now part … Continue reading

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Superb Pumpkin Pie

We looked high and low on the internet and in our recipe files for Bianca Borges Henry’s recipe for pumpkin pie from a few years back, but sadly, we could not find it. If anyone out there has that recipe, … Continue reading

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Garlic and Celery Root Mashed Spuds

We had a few additions to our Thanksgiving menu this year, so we wanted to put them in the blog right away. The most important is the mashed potato recipe included here. The impetus for this recipe was the need … Continue reading

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Baked Pork Chops

We picked up a cookbook over ten years ago when we took the kids on a driving trip that circumnavigated Lake Superior. Apparently, our initial enthusiasm for the recipes from “Finnish and Swedish kitchens of the North Country,” must have … Continue reading

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