Tunisian Couscous

This recipe proved to be a great match for the grilled Chicken with Chermoula we made in the previous blog entry. we found this gem at a website called the The Gutsy Gourmet. Here’s the link for the North African recipes section, and here is the link for this particular recipe. We found there were several omissions in the instructions listed there, so here’s what we did.

The recipe comes in two parts. The first is essentially a recipe for a vegetable stew, which is served over the couscous. The link between the two parts is that at least one cup of the liquid from the first part (stew) is used to make the couscous. Not only does this markedly enhance the flavor of the couscous, the color is phenomenal! (See the picture in the Chicken with Chermoula recipe entry.)

We used about one-half to three-quarter-inch cubes for the vegetables, and we used a mild harissa sauce rather than the chili paste. If you don’t want it to overpower the other spices, go easy on the cinnamon. This is a fabulous vegetable recipe, and is a good way to clear out older vegetables from the refrigerator. The mixture used in this recipe is hearty enough to make a satisfying, stand-alone vegetarian main dish.

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