Standing Rib Roast

We broke with our usual Christmas tradition and served a standing rib roast for Christmas dinner. Well, OK, we did have beef tenderloin for Christmas last year, but in this household, change is incremental! (Of course, we couldn’t make a clean break from all traditions, so Swedish meatballs were the main course on Christmas Eve, but more about that later.) We splurged and got a dry-aged roast, so we wanted to be certain the recipe would be a match for the beef.

After checking several sources, we decided on Emeril Lagasse’s recipe on Food Network, linked here. Some of the alternatives seemed unduly fussy to us, while the garlic-based paste lathered over the roast in this recipe made for a tasty crust, which nicely complemented the meat.  We used a domestic pinot noir for the red wine called for in this recipe, and we used commercially-prepared beef broth instead of the stock. The method we use for roasting the garlic is included in our next post!

A common denominator for many of the recipes we reviewed involved a high heat for the roast initially for a short time, followed by a longer lower-temperature cooking time. We add our testimony to this practice; the results were great!. Consensus is about 25-30 minutes in the oven per pound unless the roast is very large. Consensus also recommends the roast remain uncovered and do not baste it. Of course, we endorse the use of a meat thermometer to be certain about the doneness of your own roast: 135 degrees F for medium rare and 150 degrees F for well done. Bon appetit!

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