Spicy Hummus

We went to two Greek restaurants, Taverna Opa and Kouzzina’s,  on our recent trip to Orlando, Florida. We have included more about those restaurants and others we ate at while in Florida under the category Akkermans’ Eat-Out on the home page of our blog.

One of our favorite foods at Greek and Middle Eastern restaurants is hummus. We tried to  recapture the taste of the hummus from that trip by making our own. Most hummus recipes start with a recipe-within-a-recipe for tahini paste, which is made from sesame seeds. In many tahini recipes, the sesame seeds are roasted before they are ground to a paste. Maybe it’s just us, but getting just the right amount of stovetop roasting for the sesame seeds is tough. You can buy commercial tahini paste in some specialty stores, but we have not had good luck with the brands we have found locally.

Here is a recipe for hummus without tahini paste! If you are a hummus purist, maybe this recipe won’t be for you, but we suggest you try it. We think it is a tasty variation on the usual hummus recipes. This recipe comes from Lucy Drury of Wildwood, Missouri. We found the recipe in the Holiday 2010 Penzeys catalog. Here’s the web link.

The recipe uses sesame oil for a more traditional flavor, but has two nontraditional ingredients: jalapeno peppers and roasted, shelled pistachios (unsalted). Fortunately for us, roasted, shelled pistachios are easier to find!

Yields 1½ cups.

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