Beef N Tortilla Pinwheels

This recipe makes a fun appetizer without much effort, but the rolled tortillas do need to refrigerate a few hours before cutting. This allows for preparation ahead of time. The recipe originally appeared in the shopping magazine from Byerly’s grocery store in 1995, and is listed here. The combination of ingredients (especially the artichoke heart) is flavorful.

1 (8 count) pkg 10″ flour tortillas
1 (8 oz.) container soft cream cheese with herb and garlic
1 (½ oz.) pkg fresh basil, snipped (3 Tbsp)
1 lb. deli thin sliced Italian roast beef
1 (10 oz.) bag fresh spinach, trimmed
1 (7.25 oz.) jar roasted red bell peppers, drained
1 (6 oz) jar marinated artichoke hearts, drained

Separate tortillas and arrange on counter. Divide cream cheese evenly among tortillas, spreading to edge; sprinkle with basil. Arrange single layer of beef on each tortilla, leaving ½” border around edge. Layer spinach leaves over beef. Cut roasted peppers into ½” wide strips. Arrange in a single row across center of tortillas. Cut artichokes into strips; place beside red pepper. Roll tortillas up tightly; wrap with plastic wrap, enclosing ends. Refrigerate 3-4 hours before slicing.

To Serve: trim ends of tortilla; cut each roll crosswise into 8 slices. Makes 64 appetizers.

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