Broccolini with Anchovy Gremolata

As the recipe discusses, a gremolata is a quick condiment served on the side with a savory dish. Many gremolatas have both citrus and herbal flavors. We made this dish for Christmas dinner, and everyone was pleased with a change from the often boring green vegetable side dish. This recipe can be found on the Cooking Light website, and was featured in the holiday 2010 issue of the magazine.

Don’t be scared off by the anchovy fillets. You can omit the anchovies without harming the recipe. However, adding the anchovies gives the recipe a nice tang, and it does not make the vegetables “fishy.”

You could certainly use regular broccoli if the broccolini is not available. Just make sure to omit the tough thick stems, and break up the larger broccoli florets.

Like the Roasted Winter Vegetables we also served, this recipe can be made ahead and re-warmed before serving.

Serves 8.

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