Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

This recipe from the book Taming the Flame by chef Elizabeth Karmel, centers on chimichurri sauce, a part of the cuisine from Argentina, Uruguay, and to a lesser extent, other parts of Latin America. Here is the link. The word “chimichurri” is thought to be a corruption of the phrase “give me curry,” suggesting early British visitors to Latin America missed some of the sauces or condiments those visitors were accustomed to in India and Southeast Asia. Whether that is true, the composition of chimichurri does share some overlap with curry sauces, but also has important differences.

Chimichurri is typically a green sauce, but there are red variations which contain tomato and red bell pepper. Smoked paprika can be found at Penzeys; sweet paprika (Hungarian) is not a great substitute. Fleur de sel (literally, “flower of salt” in French) is a gray sea salt which is widely available. You could substitute kosher salt if you can’t find it.

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